Warrington Guardian Warm Roof

Guardian Conservatory Roof Tiles in Warrington

Live in the Warrington or surrounding area? Now you can have a solid tiled conservatory roof with the Guardian™ Warm Roof System, a revolutionary step forward in home improvement. Apart from the aesthetically pleasing look of a solid tiled conservatory roof there are plenty of reasons to choose a Guardian™ Warm Roof System -

A key aspect is the impressive thermal qualities: The Guardian™ insulated Roof transforms the conservatory into an ambient, much needed space that can be used daily, all year round: nice and cool in the hot summer months and cosy and warm throughout the harsh winter.

Make sure it's Team Guardian!

You'll only have to fit your new roof once. We are fully trained and qualified installer in the Warrington area that can fit your new GUARDIAN Roof, please ask to see our accreditation badges, for your peace of mind.

"You're only going to do this once, so make sure it's a guardian roof"

Building Controls

Most companies can only offer you an option of either a glass or polycarbonate roof for your conservatory. As a Guardian™ installer in Warrington, you can be reassured Guardian have invested a considerable amount of time and effort in communicating with Local Building Control Offices (LABC) and since October 2010 it became officially and technically possible install a solid roof onto your conservatory.

Before and After

Too hot in summer & too cold in winter? Thinking of tiling your conservatory?

Make your conservatory part of your home!
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