Warrington Roofline

When it comes to roofline we at PMG windows of Warrington have it covered. Many people are unsure of roofline and why it is so important to keep well maintained. Roofline is the area around your roof i.e. your fascia boards, soffits and guttering. As you know the roof area is the part of your home most exposed to the elements. The roofline is also the least maintained part of your home because it is difficult to access.

Typically your existing roofline will be made of timber. This is likely to warp and split absorbing water leading to rot and decay. This will eventually lead to rain finding it's way through and getting to your roof rafters. This, if left, can severely damage your roof leading to large costs to correct the situation.

Have PMG windows of Warrington to supply and completely install new UPVC fascia boards, soffits and guttering. Upon completion this will completely transform the look of your home.

The very nature of UPVC means that they will not rot and requires very little maintenance. We will completely remove and dispose all of your old rotted timber fascia boards and replace them with new UPVC ones. These come in a range of colours to match your windows and doors with guttering to suit.

Fascia boards come with a range of finishes. This could be a traditional bullnose finish or a moulded ogee finish. Guttering also comes with an ogee finish or comes with a round or square finish. The soffit can come in either vented to allow your roof to breath or if not needed can be flat UPVC or even with the look of cladding to add extra character to your home.

We use FREEFOAM building products. PMG windows of Warrington are registered installers of this and can even offer you an extended guarantee on these products.

When it comes to roofline we really are the professionals. Just give us a call and leave the rest to us.

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